Phase One IMEI Checker URL


/imei_checker base endpoint for Phase One IMEI Checker

carrier= One of 'verizon', 'sprint', 'gsm', 'att' or 'any' or not specified : checks the given IMEI against the chosen carrier, or all of them ('any'). Note that 'att' == 'gsm'.

demo_mode= true or false : if true then the IMEI checker passes if the basic input format is valid, otherwise the IMEI Checker will call the real Verizon, Sprint or GSM (tbd) checker APIs.

Example result : Call /imei_checker?carrier=any&demo_mode=true

Which means that there are three carriers compatible with device IMEI=A000002C0A2149. If there is only one carrier (selected as a parameter, or only one carrier found to be compatible with the device), then the URL will have both carrier_0= and carrier= specified :

Click on the buttons below for each option

VERIZON Plan Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=verizon

SPRINT Plan Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=sprint

GSM/ATT Plan Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=gsm

No Plan nor Carrier Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=any

DEMO : VERIZON Plan Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=verizon&demo_mode=true

DEMO : SPRINT Plan Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=sprint&demo_mode=true

DEMO : GSM/ATT Plan Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=gsm&demo_mode=true

DEMO : No Plan nor Carrier Selected

URL : /imei_checker?carrier=any&demo_mode=true